Thursday, October 13, 2011

 I went down the road to an estate sale earlier today and this is what I brought home. An old silver tinsel christmas tree, 2  vintage storks, the large stork is 10 1/2" tall.
And 3 old santa ornaments.

 And from The Christmas Tree Shop I bought brownies to make for halloween with their very own grave stones to print the guests names on.

 An owl spoon rest

 And some spooky towels!
 And I ordered these from QVC  not long ago for the fall, I like that they have timers so they go on and off at the same time every evening. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Gardening Tips

I'd like to share with you some of the things I do in my garden in the fall.  When I clean out my flower pots I remove the Geraniums, shake off the dirt, tie them with string loosely and hang them upside down in the garage or ( basement if you have one).  Or you can also put them in a cardboard box and place them in the garage too. The Geraniums hold water so they will stay dorment thru the winter.  When I get them out in the spring to replant them most of them have already started to grow.
I don't normally cut the branches off,  except this one is going in my studio so I cut it up.

In the spring I repot them and voila! Here's one of them this summer.
Now onto my Zinnias. My favorite is the State Fair mix, they grow very tall.

Through out the summer when the flowers look dried out and before the petals fall off, I cut the dead heads off and throw them into a paper bag. I leave the bag on a shelf in the garage and in the spring when its warm enough to work outside, I loosen the soil and smash the dried flowers in my fingers and they fall into the soil and reseed themselves. The seeds are attached at the end of the dry petals. They grow fast.

My Bachelor Buttons Grow over 2ft tall. They are a perennial.When they start to bloom out in the middle of summer, I take my hedge clippers and cut them almost to the ground. They come right back as a new plant and they are in beautiful bloom right now.

Now for the snapdragons, I never pull out the plants at the end of the growing year. These are annuals but they almost always come back the following spring.  Same goes for marigolds.
Can you see the difference in the color of the pictures of my morning glories? I keep the seeds and replant them every year, but this year they are alot darker blue than they have been. So i'll collect the seeds soon and I wonder what color they will be next summer, Navy blue?

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