Sunday, March 20, 2011

Being Creative Blog Party

Good Sunday Morning!  My back is soo much better today so I'm back on my blog! Didn't think this day would ever come!
I am joining Amisha's Creative Blog Party Every Sunday!  Today I'm showing off some of the Spun Cotton Easter Ornaments I created.  Some ornaments I make resemble the antique ones from long ago. Others come out of my head which most of them are. Lots of mornings I wake up and see an ornament in my minds eye and get up fast and I draw a picture of my thoughts. Or I look around at my supplies and get ideas of what I can make. As far as time, an ornament will take atleast  3 days from start to finish.
Mama bunnies   measure 4 3/4" tall.

Bunny on the hobbyhorse is 4 1/4" tall to tip of ears.
 Just Ducky measures almost 4 1/2" to top of her easter bonnet.
 Mama chickens  are 5" tall to the top of their hats, baby chick is 4" tall to tip of her party hat.

  These little bunnies measure just under 4" tall to the tips of  their ears.

 My little bunny boxes measure 5 1/2 inches from bottom of box to tip of ears.

This baby bunny in the cabbage is 2 1/4" to the top of his ears.    
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