Monday, January 30, 2012

My New Project

My daughter found this old china doll in an antique shop last weekend. She has her original slip and pantaloons and she is about 12 inches tall. Her body is filled with sawdust. 

I have quite a few pieces of Victorian lace and fabric that I used to collect, so I'm going to pick out some pieces and make her a long dress. Since she's an antique, she's going to have a real antique dress. 

I've got some nice vintage hats with little flowers, so maybe I'll put some of these little flowers on her dress too.

  Meet Betty and Billy Goat...................

I just finished these little spun cotton ornaments. They measure 4 3/4" tall.
I embroidered tiny flowers around her skirt. They will be hanging on my feather tree this year.

I sure missed visiting my blog friends!
But i've been having reoccuring back problems and at times its just too painful to do anything!
I hope everyones doing well!

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