Friday, February 4, 2011

My Work Table with Spun Cotton Ornaments to Finish

The little red mouse guards my thread!

I bought her a few years ago in an antique shop.

She works for free!

I have lots of vintage and victorian lace to pick from.
Can't pass up a piece of lace for sale when I go to the antique shop.

I brought out a few of my vintage Easter decorations. The 2 ducklings on the right were real ducklings at one time. In the 1950's they made  easter ornaments this way, they killed and stuffed them. .... poor babies. 
I believe they were made in Japan.

Here are a few pictures of my work table.
The little kitty with the ballerina dress came from a flea market long ago.

My Spun Cotton Chickens are waiting for Easter outfits.

My Next project is my old Victorian Doll House. I just had it brought down to my studio from the second floor.
I'm working on cleaning and decorating it.

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